Apps for a 5 star webinar

2 min readOct 27, 2021


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Parallel to the pandemic, we have a webinardemic. It appears like the webinars are here to stay. If so, why not make them better — for us and our audience?

Here are 3 apps I have used to make webinars great again ;-)

1. Utterly

A nice little app, that uses AI to reduce the background noise. This is especially useful if you have to give a talk on the go. A couple of weeks back, I gave a talk from Chennai airport and this came in handy. Works flawlessly.

2. Vidrio

This app mirrors our webcam on the screen, thus making a hologram effect. Your audience don’t see you in a square box at the right top of the screen, but instead see you as a transparent presence all over the screen. It doesn’t interfere with readability of text on the screen. Try it out for your next webinar.

3. Presentify

Presentify is a screen annotation app. This comes in handy if you use Google Meet a lot, since screen annotation is not available in the app itself. You can, of course, use built in tools, but Presentify is more convenient.

4. Xpression Camera

This cool app is in private beta now. It allows you to present as anyone you like — from Mozart to Trump. The character takes on your facial expressions. Of course, your audience won’t be amused if it’s a formal presentation. The real use case : feed your photo in formals to this app, and you can then present even in lungi and Banian.The audience will see only the suit clad, suave you ;-) How cool is that?

These apps don’t just make online talks easier, but also more fun. The only drawback : all of them are Mac Apps.




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