Radius of compassion

2 min readJun 30, 2022
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

A few days back, I met a young man in his late twenties. He used to accompany an elderly couple — both of whom had multiple health problems. He would patiently take them to OPDs , never once attempting to jump the queue. In this day and age, where even sons abandon their parents, I was happy that a grandson was taking such good care of elderly.

Then one day, I saw him with another old man. I was surprised. He showed the same kindness , as he usually does. I wondered if he really had a job or how odd that both his grandparents are ill. Out of sheer curiosity, I asked him what he did and why he is not sending his parents to accompany their parents.

He said, “ Sir they are not my grandparents”, in the most unassuming tone possible.

I was shocked.

He said, “ Sir, I am a software engineer. I work in shifts. I once helped my friends parents when he had gone onsite to the US. They told me that a lot of old people don’t have anyone to take them to hospital or guide them. I liked it and started helping some. Now it has become my routine and I get great satisfaction from this. I don’t take any money or gifts — but occasionally I get home made food from them. By feeding me, they get some satisfaction”.

“Usually people have at the most 4 grandparents. I have 15 “ he beamed.

I was blown away — not just by his generosity , but with the way he said it. He did good because it elevates his soul. When guys his age are into rave parties, he stands between elders and their grave.

All of us have a radius of compassion. For some, it only extends to themselves. For most of us, it extends to our immediate families. Only very few have an infinite radius of compassion. There is no ‘us or them’ for these souls , no inner or outer circles — just a vast expanse of kindness.

I wanted to take a selfie with him, but suddenly the thatha called him — as his veshti was about to fall. Balaji ran. I watched him in total admiration.

Doctors may or may not be gods, but hospitals have heard more prayers than temples. God answers these prayers — sometimes through young software engineers.




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